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Sinking Concrete Slab 

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The structural soundness of a home is of utmost importance, and the stability of concrete slabs plays a pivotal role in upholding it. Concrete, known for its durability, is a common construction material used in various property structures, yet it is not impervious to damage. 

When a concrete slab sinks—whether in your driveway, sidewalk, porch, or home—it goes beyond being a mere eyesore. It poses a safety hazard and serves as a warning sign of underlying soil issues that, if left unattended, could jeopardize your home’s foundation. 

Ohio Basement Systems understands the challenges homeowners encounter when confronted with sinking concrete slabs, whether indoors or outdoors. We specialize in tailored, comprehensive, and long-lasting solutions designed to address and rectify these problems, enhancing the safety and aesthetics of your home. 

Discover why sinking concrete occurs, its impact, and how Ohio Basement Authority’s proprietary concrete lifting system and other solutions can benefit you. 

What Is a Sinking Concrete Slab? 

A sinking concrete slab is a concrete surface that has gradually descended unevenly, resulting in noticeable depressions or cracks. This diminishes the visual appeal of your property and creates substantial safety concerns, primarily by introducing tripping hazards. 

Sinking slabs are common in many concrete structures, including: 

Sinking slabs may also exhibit similar damage, including: 

Recognizing and promptly addressing a sinking slab can prevent more substantial harm, reduce risks, and reinstate the functionality and aesthetics of the area. This underscores the importance of contacting local concrete repair experts, such as Ohio Basement Systems, as soon as you detect concrete damage. 

What Causes a Sinking Concrete Slab? 

Concrete slabs can sink due to several common causes: 

  • Settling Soil: Soil naturally compacts over time, causing concrete to sink, especially with improper fill dirt use. 
  • Eroding Soil: Water drainage issues, leaks, or shifting soil erode and wash away the dirt beneath concrete, destabilizing it. 
  • Excessive Precipitation: Saturated soil from rain, flooding, or snowmelt expands, causing slab instability. 
  • Poor Drainage: Damaged drainage systems like gutters and downspouts allow excess water to collect near the slab, contributing to soil problems. 
  • Tree Roots: Growing tree roots displace soil, leaving voids, and can lift and crack slabs. 
  • Freeze-thaw Cycles: Repeated freezing and thawing stress and shift soil under slabs. 
  • Installation Problems: Mistakes during site prep, base compaction, pouring, and curing cause later sinking and cracking. 

Timely action is critical; the longer these underlying causes persist, the more likely your foundation will sustain severe and costly damage. 

Can You Fix a Sinking Concrete Slab? 

Yes, repairing a sinking concrete slab is feasible and crucial. Quick action is essential, as allowing severe damage to persist can limit the available repair options. 

The most effective long-term solution hinges on accurately identifying and addressing the root cause. Simply resorting to traditional mudjacking or filling the gap beneath the slab with gravel can result in ongoing sinking issues. 

To ensure lasting repair and protection, adopting a comprehensive approach is essential. A holistic solution that tackles all underlying causes and leverages advanced techniques and products is vital to achieving optimal results and preventing future occurrences. 

Ohio Basement Systems uses SettleStop™ PolyRenewal™, a cutting-edge polyurethane injection system to lift sunken concrete slabs. In cases where a foundational issue is at play, we implement other techniques like foundation piers, including slab-specific slab piers, to permanently stabilize and potentially lift your settling foundation. 

Every home is unique and has its own distinct repair requirements. Contact our team today to assess and determine the appropriate repair solution for your specific needs. 

How to Fix a Sinking Concrete Slab 

Ohio Basement Systems follows a precise process when using PolyRenewal™: 

  • Inspect problematic slabs. 
  • Verify the need for PolyRenewal™ or other repairs. 
  • Drill penny-sized holes into affected concrete slabs. 
  • Place installation ports in the holes. 
  • Mix proprietary closed-cell polyurethane foam. 
  • Inject foam under the slab. 
  • Allow foam to fill the void, lifting the concrete. 
  • Let the foam cure (approximately 15 minutes). 
  • Remove injection ports. 
  • Fill and smooth drilled holes. 
  • Seal cracks and joints to prevent future damage. 
  • Inspect the concrete slabs during annual maintenance appointments for lasting protection. 

Ohio Basement Systems’ customized solutions offer unparalleled quality and durability, rivaling traditional methods and big-box store alternatives. 

Why Address a Sinking Concrete Slab Now 

Professional inspection and repair are crucial for several reasons: 

  • Safety: Uneven, sunken slabs pose tripping and falling risks, especially for seniors, children, and those with mobility issues. 
  • Ongoing Movement: Slabs will continue to shift and sink without proper repairs, worsening over time. 
  • Structural Damage: Soil issues causing sinking slabs can harm walls and foundations if left unaddressed. 
  • Water Issues: Sinking slabs allow water to pool and seep under foundations, causing moisture damage, mold, and cracks. Exterior issues include poor drainage, flooding, and pest attraction. 
  • Appearance and Property Value: Cracked, uneven slabs decrease curb appeal and deter potential buyers. 

Ohio Basement Systems’ solutions fully resolve these issues, offering superior, lasting results. 

Contact Ohio Basement Systems for Reliable Concrete Lifting Solutions 

If you notice indications of sinking, settling, or uneven concrete slabs on your property, contact Ohio Basement Systems to book a free inspection and no-obligation estimate. Our skilled professionals employ advanced diagnostics and exclusive products to elevate concrete and prevent future sinking and cracking. 

With the PolyRenewal™ foam injection system, we can promptly and accurately elevate sunken slabs. Our comprehensive foundation repair solutions also tackle associated foundation problems, providing long-lasting protection. No matter your home’s specific needs, Ohio Basement Systems offers superior solutions to guarantee its safety, stability, and longevity. 


Project costs vary based on size, damage severity, and repair methods. Ohio Basement Systems offers free inspections, no-obligation estimates, transparent pricing, and financing options. Contact us to learn more and to obtain an accurate cost breakdown from one of our experts.

Project duration depends on slab size and damage, estimated during inspection. Ohio Basement Systems’ PolyRenewal™ process can lift settled slabs in as little as 15 minutes. This allows you to use your concrete on the same day as the repair installation. Contact us to learn more and to schedule a free inspection and estimate. 

Yes, our solutions are engineered to endure various environmental conditions, including rain, floods, snow, and droughts, ensuring consistent stability and durability. Our PolyRenewal™ polyurethane foam is designed to resist washing away or eroding beneath concrete, delivering enduring support to the concrete structure. Contact Ohio Basement Systems for a free inspection. 

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