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Sinking Concrete Steps 

Ohio Basement Systems and The Basement Guys are now Ohio Basement Authority

Reliable stairs are crucial for safe home access. When concrete steps sink, it diminishes curb appeal and introduces safety hazards. Unfortunately, this problem is all too common in Northern Ohio due to various factors. 

Ohio Basement Systems is at the forefront of addressing these issues. We provide lasting repairs that rejuvenate your home’s beauty and safety. Our team utilizes top-notch technology and expertise to offer effective concrete lifting solutions.  

By reading this page, you’ll learn why concrete steps sink and how Ohio Basement Systems’ unique approach restores stability and peace of mind to your home. 

Recognizing Sinking Concrete Steps 

Sinking concrete steps manifest as depressions or shifts in concrete stairs, leading to uneven surfaces and compromised structural integrity. This problem tarnishes your home’s appearance and presents dangers like tripping hazards. 

Homes may also encounter related concrete issues, such as: 

Ignoring sunken stairs increases the risk of major damage and also heightens the risk of accidents. Addressing this issue promptly with Ohio Basement Systems helps ensure your home’s safety. 

Root Causes of Sinking Concrete Steps 

Factors leading to sinking concrete steps include: 

  • Soil Movement: Underlying clay-rich soils may shift or compact, causing concrete to crack or sink. 
  • Soil Erosion: Water flow can erode and wash away supporting soil, affecting concrete integrity. 
  • Tree Growth: Expanding or aggressively growing tree roots displace soil and can exert upward pressure on concrete. 
  • Weather Patterns: Excess rain, flooding, snowmelt, and freeze-thaw cycles deteriorate soil quality and expand cracks. 
  • Inadequate Concrete Preparation: Weak concrete ages and sinks faster, often due to improper preparation or problems during the curing process. 

In addition to affecting stairs, these issues can jeopardize your home’s foundation, underscoring the need for Ohio Basement Systems’ expertise. 

Can Ohio Basement Systems Resolve Sinking Concrete Steps? 

Certainly, resolving sinking concrete steps is definitely possible. However, relying on partial or makeshift remedies will prove insufficient over time. DIY quick fixes and traditional repair methods like mudjacking are temporary solutions. They quickly become costly, time-consuming, and less effective over time. 

A comprehensive approach is crucial to addressing the visible deterioration and underlying issues impacting the home’s structural integrity. Ohio Basement Systems presents holistic solutions, ensuring careful attention to every facet of the problem, delivering durable results to prevent recurrent damage. 

The most efficient remedy entails a procedure known as concrete lifting. This technique involves the injection of high-density polyurethane foam beneath the concrete, gently elevating and stabilizing each slab. Remarkably, the foam expands and sets within just 15 minutes. 

In cases where the damage is extensive, specialized foundation repairs such as foundation piers may also be incorporated into the repair process. 

Ohio Basement Systems’ Approach to Fixing Sinking Steps 

We employ SettleStop™ PolyRenewal™, an advanced concrete lifting system. This procedure includes these essential steps: 

  • Evaluation: We conduct a comprehensive inspection to assess the damage’s extent, identify its causes, and develop a repair strategy. 
  • Drilling: We create small holes, approximately the size of a penny, in the affected concrete. 
  • Port Placement: We position injection ports in these holes in preparation for the foam injection. 
  • Foam Preparation: We mix the specialized two-part polyurethane foam. 
  • Foam Injection: We inject the high-density foam underneath the impacted concrete. 
  • Step Elevation: The foam fills gaps between the concrete steps and the soil, gently raising the sunken sections as it cures. 
  • Hole Filling: Once the steps regain stability, we seal the drilled holes to achieve a smooth finish. 
  • Crack Sealing: Additionally, we seal any cracks and joints, preventing future damage and ensuring structural integrity. 
  • Safety Maintenance: We provide various maintenance programs to guarantee ongoing stability and durability. 

Our exclusive lifting foam is formulated to meet specific needs, making PolyRenewal™ a sustainable solution for sunken concrete steps. 

The Importance of Timely Concrete Step Repairs 

Addressing sunken steps is crucial to: 

  • Prevent Further Damage: Promptly addressing sinking concrete steps is crucial to prevent the situation from worsening. Delaying repairs allows water to infiltrate and widen cracks, leading to accelerated deterioration. Taking quick action helps avert more extensive problems. 
  • Avoid Foundation Issues: Sinking steps often signal underlying soil settlement, indicating potential foundation instability. Early repairs are essential to protect your foundation from further harm. 
  • Ensure Safety: Uneven and sinking stairs pose a significant risk of falls and injuries to you, your family, and visitors. Concrete lifting rectifies tripping hazards and stabilizes the structure, enhancing safety. 
  • Preserve Property Value: Sunken and cracked stairs detract from your home’s aesthetics and impact its curb appeal. Reliable repairs help maintain and enhance the visual and structural value of your property. 
  • Lasting Solutions: Our concrete lifting repairs come with comprehensive warranties, providing you with peace of mind. Acting promptly to address the issue can prevent further damage, ultimately saving you from costlier repairs in the future. 

Don’t wait; be proactive by scheduling an inspection and restoration with Ohio Basement Systems. Our expert PolyRenewal™ service offers a safe, dependable, and long-lasting solution for sinking concrete steps. 

Trust Ohio Basement Systems for Premier Concrete Lifting 

Enhance the aesthetics and safety of your home with Ohio Basement Systems’ concrete lifting expertise. For exceptional services and unmatched outcomes, contact us to schedule a free, no-obligation inspection. Bid farewell to sinking concrete steps and welcome lasting improvements. 

For more than 20 years, we’ve skillfully restored concrete structures, including sinking steps. Homeowners across Northern Ohio have relied on us for tailored customer service, meticulous craftsmanship, and dependable repair solutions. 


Our PolyRenewal™ system can lift settled concrete slabs in just hours. After injection, the foam sets and cures within 15 minutes, allowing incremental slab lifting. The total time needed depends on the amount of settlement and any additional repairs required. Contact Ohio Basement Systems today for a free inspection.

Our innovative foam injection cures in just 15 minutes, allowing your stairs to be put back into use almost immediately. Unlike time-consuming mudjacking or full replacement, our foam stair lifting is efficient, effective, and minimally disruptive. Contact us today to schedule a free inspection and to learn more about renewing your stairs with rapid-curing polyurethane foam. 

Definitely! Ohio Basement Systems’ PolyRenewal™ foam ensures longevity and resilience against various environmental factors. Unlike other solutions, our foam remains intact, not affecting the surrounding landscaping, soil, or other structures. Schedule a free inspection with us to learn more.

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