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Concrete Patio Repair 

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Embracing Northern Ohio’s ever-changing weather while spending time on your patio is one of the joys of homeownership. However, this pleasure can be compromised as your patio undergoes wear and tear. 

Cracked or sunken concrete patios diminish the visual charm of your home and present potential risks to your family’s safety. Ohio Basement Systems specializes in concrete patio restoration, utilizing the advanced SettleStop™ PolyRenewal™ concrete lifting system. 

We are the region’s leading concrete repair provider, committed to enhancing the aesthetics, safety, and functionality of your outdoor living space. 

On this page, we explore the significance of concrete patio repair and the critical role that modern solutions play in creating a safe and secure living environment. 

What is Concrete Patio Repair? 

Concrete patio repair encompasses the revitalization of damaged patio areas, aiming to restore them to their original state or better. 

It’s essential to exercise caution when considering solutions for these issues. Avoid relying on big-box store products or methods once hailed as effective, such as mudjacking and repouring. These outdated techniques are invasive, costly, and cannot provide long-term support for your concrete patio, as they fail to address the root causes of the problems. 

A superior approach to resolving common patio issues like sinking and cracking involves reinforcing the slabs and the underlying soil. Ohio Basement Systems offers an exclusive solution in the form of the PolyRenewal™ concrete lifting system, which effectively tackles challenges related to soil instability and oversaturation. 

This innovative system is an ideal standalone product for raising your patio to its proper height, and it seamlessly integrates with our comprehensive whole-home solutions. By choosing concrete lifting, homeowners repair their patio and contribute to the overall stability and longevity of their home’s structure. 

Signs Your Concrete Patio Needs Repair 

Your concrete patio may need to be repaired if you notice these common symptoms: 

Early detection saves time and money and prevents future problems, so consult Ohio Basement Systems when you spot these signs. 

Is Concrete Patio Repair Necessary? 

Yes, failure to address concrete patio repairs promptly could cause more damage and potentially invasive and expensive future repairs. It also reduces the range of viable repair options. 

Resolving the underlying issue ensures the patio’s long-term durability and safeguards your home’s safety and aesthetic appeal. 

We discourage quick-fix solutions or relying on conventional methods like mudjacking or repouring. 

Your home deserves comprehensive protection, and as an integral part of Ohio Basement Systems’ holistic home solution, timely patio repairs can effectively mitigate foundational threats to your property. 

What Are the Benefits of Concrete Patio Repair? 

Repairing your concrete patio brings a multitude of benefits: 

Improved Safety Measures 

Deteriorating patios can pose risks of accidents and mishaps. We mitigate these safety hazards by raising and reinforcing patio slabs, creating a secure environment for everyone. 

Damage Prevention 

Elevating sunken patios and repairing cracks ends further deterioration of your concrete and its underlying structure. 

Enhanced Appearance and Value 

Revitalized, pristine concrete patios enhance your home’s visual appeal and overall value. Our exclusive concrete lifting technique ensures minimal visible signs of restoration, preserving the patio’s aesthetic appeal. 

Prolonged Durability 

Our distinctive PolyRenewal™ approach delivers longer-lasting results compared to conventional techniques. 

Entrust your concrete patio repair to our team, which will employ expertly crafted and precision-engineered solutions for optimal outcomes. Our eco-conscious PolyRenewal™ concrete lifting system lifts concrete quickly and is designed to deliver long-term results. Rely on our expertise to ensure flawless project execution from start to finish. 

How Our Concrete Patio Repair Works 

Ohio Basement Systems follows precise steps when installing PolyRenewal™ for concrete patio repair: 

  • Evaluate the concrete patio and verify necessary repairs. 
  • Drill small holes into the patio slabs. 
  • Place injection ports in the drilled holes. 
  • Mix the specialized two-part closed-cell polyurethane foam. 
  • Inject the foam through the ports and under the slabs. 
  • Allow the foam to expand, fill voids, lift the slab, and cure. 
  • Remove the injection ports. 
  • Seal cracks and joints to prevent damage. 
  • Provide annual maintenance inspections to ensure ongoing protection. 

As Northern Ohio’s premier concrete repair provider, our experienced crews accurately assess and repair concrete patios to ensure optimal, lasting results. We guarantee flawless execution, making us the best choice in patio repair.  

Why Our Patio Repair is the Best Choice for Your Home 

Ohio Basement Systems’ PolyRenewal™ concrete lifting solution stands out as the preferred choice for concrete patio repairs, thanks to its exceptional features: 

  • Accuracy: It offers unparalleled precision in elevating and maintaining balance. 
  • Less Invasive Installation: This solution eliminates the need for heavy machinery or extensive excavation, minimizing disruption. 
  • Lightweight Composition: The foam used weighs less than traditional substances used in classic concrete pouring or mudjacking. 
  • Quick Curing: The foam hardens within 15 minutes and allows your patio to be fully functional the same day, ensuring minimal downtime or interruption to your routine. 
  • Durable: Designed to withstand external factors, it will not wash away or erode, guaranteeing longevity and durability. 
  • Multi-functional: Applicable across different concrete surfaces, ensuring its usefulness for various repair needs. 
  • Non-Toxic Design: Crafted with sustainability and minimal environmental impact in mind. 
  • Seamless Integration: After repair, it blends seamlessly with the surrounding concrete, with minimal post-repair visibility. 
  • Committed Maintenance: Our annual maintenance plans ensure continued top-tier performance, providing peace of mind for the long term. 

Contact Ohio Basement Systems for Concrete Patio Repair Today! 

A damaged concrete patio poses safety risks. Regain your patio’s aesthetic appeal and safety with Ohio Basement Systems’ expertise. Contact us today to schedule a free inspection and no-obligation repair estimate. 

Trusted throughout Northern Ohio for more than 20 years, our experienced team swiftly and efficiently elevates and stabilizes patio slabs, eliminating tripping hazards while enhancing the patio’s appearance.  


Damage results from various factors, including soil settlement, soil washout or erosion, oversaturated or dry soil, tree roots, and poor installation. Ohio Basement Systems’ experts assess your concrete patio to determine the exact cause and recommend customized solutions during a free inspection.

Costs vary based on the patio’s size and the extent of the damage. Ohio Basement Systems offers free inspections, transparent pricing, no-obligation repair estimates, and various financing options. Contact us to learn more and to book an appointment with one of our experts.

We do not recommend DIY fixes, as they are cosmetic, can become costly and time-consuming to install, and won’t address the root cause. Contact Ohio Basement Systems professionals for comprehensive, long-lasting solutions that ensure safety and protect your home.

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