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Over Spanned Floor Joists

Navigating across floors that sag, feel uneven, or bounce is a nuisance and a safety hazard. Often, this issue stems from over spanned floor joists hidden away in your home’s crawl space. 

Preserving your home’s structural health means promptly identifying and rectifying floor joist problems. This is where Ohio Basement Systems excels, offering superior crawl space repair services tailored for over spanned floor joists. Our focus is on enhancing the stability and safety of your living space. 

This guide provides a comprehensive overview of over spanned floor joists, their origins, impacts, and resolution methods. Additionally, we’ll showcase why Ohio Basement Systems is Northern Ohio’s preferred choice for crawl space repairs. 

Understanding Over Spanned Floor Joists 

Over spanned floor joists are a common issue where the joists supporting the main floor are spaced too far apart or lack the strength to support the home’s weight. This structural deficiency can manifest in various ways: 

Ohio Basement Systems recognizes the importance of a secure floor joist span to maintain your home’s integrity, comfort, and safety. Addressing these concerns early is crucial to prevent escalating damage and preserve your home’s structure. 

Causes of Over Spanned Floor Joists 

Several factors contribute to over spanned floor joists, including: 

  • Moisture: Ohio’s climate can introduce excessive moisture and humidity into crawl spaces, compromising wooden joists. 
  • Pests: Termites and other wood-damaging pests can degrade joist strength. 
  • Foundation Issues: Soil movement and foundation settlement can unevenly distribute weight across joists. 
  • Construction Flaws: Homes may have joists that are spaced too far apart from the start, especially in older homes. 
  • Aging: Time can erode the resilience of floor joists if they are not adequately reinforced. 

Regular inspections and proactive maintenance by Ohio Basement Systems can prevent these problems, saving homeowners from costly, complex repairs. 

Is There a Fix for Over Spanned Floor Joists? 

Over spanned floor joists can be remedied, and it’s vital to act promptly to secure your home. Generic fixes often fall short, and DIY attempts can lead to further complications and risks. 

Ohio Basement Systems takes a holistic approach, offering comprehensive solutions like SettleStop™ IntelliJack™ Crawl Space Jacks, which deliver the full support necessary for enduring stabilization and peace of mind. 

Ohio Basement Systems’ Approach to Fixing Over Spanned Floor Joists 

Our team adheres to the following steps to resolve over spanned and problematic floor joists: 

  • Thoroughly inspect the crawl space to pinpoint damage and the most effective repairs. 
  • Custom-fit robust steel IntelliJack™ supports for your crawl space. 
  • Establish a solid concrete footing for the IntelliJack™ installation. 
  • Assemble and connect IntelliJack™ components securely to the base and affected joists. 
  • Make precise adjustments to the support system to stabilize and potentially lift the floors to their original position. 
  • Implement waterproofing measures, including drainage and a sump pump
  • Enhance crawl space integrity with vent sealing, door replacements, wall insulation, and vapor barrier encapsulation
  • Maintain optimal humidity with dehumidification
  • Provide annual maintenance inspections to ensure the durability of the repair system. 

Ohio Basement Systems offers customized proprietary solutions, ensuring superior performance and long-lasting results. 

The Importance of Repairing Over Spanned Floor Joists 

Addressing over spanned floor joists at the first sign ensures: 

  • Prevention of progressive damage 
  • A safer living space for you and your family 
  • Protection and potential enhancement of your home’s market value 
  • Cost savings by mitigating the need for more extensive repairs later on 

Rely on Ohio Basement Systems and our unique, tailor-made products to comprehensively tackle over spanned floor joists. Our solutions are crafted to ensure effective and dependable support for your home, delivering the extensive reinforcement it requires. 

Contact Ohio Basement Systems for Expert Crawl Space Repairs 

Don’t let sagging and uneven floors due to over spanned floor joists become the norm in your home. Ohio Basement Systems is your trusted partner for crawl space repairs. 

Contact us today to schedule a free inspection and explore repair options tailored to your home. Our expert team is ready to craft a robust floor stabilization strategy to preserve your home’s stability and safety for the long haul. 


We strongly advise against tackling over spanned floor joists on your own, as it may compromise your home’s structure and safety. Professional repair by Ohio Basement Systems ensures effective, quality repairs with the assurance that the problem is fully resolved. Contact us to learn more and schedule a free crawl space inspection.

Repair costs vary with the extent of damage and the necessary repairs. Ohio Basement Systems offers free inspections, transparent pricing, no-obligation estimates, and financing options to suit your budget. Contact us for more information and to schedule a free crawl space inspection. 

The repair duration depends on the severity of the damage and the scope of the area. Ohio Basement Systems’ teams are known for their efficiency and strive to minimize inconvenience, providing an accurate timeline during a free inspection appointment.

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