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Crawl Space Repair & Encapsulation Problem Signs

There are many things that can cause your crawl space to become damaged. It’s important to know and look out for these problem signs and get repairs made as soon as possible.

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For older homes and newer homes alike, crawl spaces can present a multitude of problems. These problems can easily manifest into worse things as your crawl space is an area that is rarely visited. If left to worsen, your crawl space can devastate the rest of your home and its structure. It’s important to have a professional routinely inspect this area as problems could form without you even knowing. Here, we talk about some of the more common problem signs that your crawl space is experiencing damage, and how to prevent it. 

Common Crawl Space Problem Signs

rotting wood

Wood Rot 

Known as a rapidly deteriorating fungal infection, wood rot can be extremely damaging to the structure of your home. Since the support joists used for your floor are usually made from wooden beams, they can become compromised if any water resides in your crawl space. This can cause the wood to weaken and crack, making areas of your floor uneven or bouncy. When this happens, it’s usually due to a longtime presence of water in your crawl space. Wood rot is also directly correlated with high humidity and mold growth as they are two common factors that speed up the deterioration process. 

crawl space condensation

Humidity, Condensation, and Mold Growth 

It is known that high humidity causes condensation, which then leads to the formation of mold and mildew. If you have an exposed dirt crawl space or open crawl space vents, you could be at risk. Homeowners in Cleveland may be all too familiar with these problems, as the area’s soil is rich in clay. This type of soil is poorly drained and easily soaks up water whenever it rains or snows. Whenever you start to notice high humidity or condensation in your home, you may also have mold forming somewhere. This could lead to musty smells in your home and respiratory problems for family members. 

It’s important to note that mold only needs two things to thrive, a damp environment with high humidity and organic materials, both of which your crawl space provides. By installing a high-quality, durable vapor barrier, a sump pump, and a dehumidifier, you could protect your crawl space and prevent these issues from arising. 

high electric bill

High Energy Bills 

If you notice a rise in your home’s electric bills, it may be due to your crawl space. Your crawl space is located directly underneath your home, and if it’s exposed, the stack effect may be causing your HVAC systems to work harder. The stack effect is when the cool air in your crawl space meets the warm air in your home and rises up through to your roof. This temperature phenomenon can make it harder to effectively heat or cool your home, causing an increase in your energy bills. By encapsulating your crawl space, you can prevent this from happening and save money in the long run. 

bugs in crawl space

Pest Infestations 

One of the nastiest things that homeowners have to deal with is unwelcome pests. Depending on the type of pest in your crawl space, serious damage could ensue if they choose to make it their home. This is especially common if you have open crawl space vents which provide easy access. An exposed dirt floor can also be problematic as some pests can burrow and find their way in. Organic materials such as wood, and even wet insulation can be the perfect environment for these critters. It’s important to watch out for signs of insects or pests as they can damage the support joists for your floor and in worst cases, compromise the structural integrity of your home. 

Let The Team at OBS Repair Your Damaged Crawl Space 

If you have musty smells in your home, notice sagging or bouncing floors, mold formations, or high indoor humidity, your crawl space could be the problem. When it comes to the health and safety of your home, your crawl space plays an important role. Although underneath your home, any problems that arise in your crawl space can affect the rest of your property. Fortunately, we at Ohio Basement Systems specialize in crawl space repair and encapsulation to protect your home from the damaging effects of water. By calling or emailing us, we can set up a free inspection of your home to diagnose the problems and provide you with a written estimate of our repairs. As every home is unique, we tailor our solutions to your exact needs. 

We proudly serve homeowners in Akron-Canton, Cleveland, Mansfield, Youngstown, and surrounding areas. Don’t let problems in your crawl space extend to the rest of your home. Contact us today!

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