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Sagging Floors 

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As a foundational element of your home, floors should be reliable and resilient without signs of sagging or instability. 

Sagging floors go beyond aesthetic concerns. They point to potential structural problems that need to be resolved quickly to prevent more serious damage. 

Such issues are commonly linked to the condition of your crawl space. When crawl space problems such as excessive moisture build-up or pest invasion begin to impact your living space, it’s critical to address them promptly. 

Ohio Basement Systems understands the gravity of sagging floor issues and offers an effective array of crawl space repair services. Our unique crawl space stabilization system is engineered to provide a permanent solution, reinforcing your floor joists and stabilizing your home’s foundation. 

On this page, we uncover the reasons behind sagging floors, the importance of prompt repairs, and how Ohio Basement Systems’ unique solutions provide lasting support. 

What Are Sagging Floors? 

Identifiable by their uneven, sloping nature, sagging floors can give a feeling of instability or “give” when walked upon, which can cause concern. 

This sagging usually results from weakened or compromised floor joists beneath the subfloor, undermining the structural soundness of your home. 

Beyond being an aesthetic problem, sagging floors can produce unsettling noises, create tripping risks, cause furniture to wobble, and diminish the overall look and feel of your home. 

Other warning signs to watch out for include: 

If floors begin to detach from the walls or support beams, it’s a clear indication of a serious underlying problem that requires immediate professional attention. 

What Causes Sagging Floors? 

Multiple factors can contribute to sagging floors: 

  • Moisture: Water in the crawl space can lead to rot, warping, and deterioration of wood. 
  • Pests: Insects like termites can damage the subfloor and joists. 
  • Joist Spacing: Over spanned joists spaced too far apart may not provide sufficient support. 
  • Installation Errors: Improperly installed joists can cause problems over time. 
  • Foundation Issues: A shifting or settling foundation can lead to misaligned floor supports. 
  • Natural Wear: Over time, materials can weaken, leading to sagging floors. 

It’s vital to identify and repair the root cause of sagging floors with a professional evaluation. 

Can You Fix Sagging Floors? 

Yes, crawl space repair addressing sagging floors is possible, but it demands the skills of professionals and the use of premium materials to ensure a durable fix. 

Attempts at do-it-yourself repairs, such as adding new boards or placing temporary jacks, often don’t get to the heart of the issue. Exploring your crawl space can be risky and is better handled by trained professionals with the necessary experience and safety gear. 

It’s essential to tackle sagging floors with a comprehensive, whole-house approach to achieve lasting results. Ohio Basement Systems specializes in providing such solutions, effectively dealing with sagging floors to avert ongoing problems and maintain the safety and stability of your home. 

How We Fix Sagging Floors 

Ohio Basement Systems’ process for repairing sagging floors includes: 

  • Completing an in-depth crawl space inspection
  • Determining the cause of the damage and recommending effective solutions. 
  • Installing the SettleStop™ IntelliJack™ system, custom-fit to your crawl space requirements. 
  • Precisely adjusting the IntelliJack™ system for optimal lift and support. 
  • Installing crawl space encapsulation solutions as needed. 
  • Scheduling annual maintenance inspections to ensure ongoing protection. 

Our IntelliJack™ system can support substantial loads—more than 24,000 lbs. per jack—adhering to the highest industry standards and guaranteeing the longevity of your home’s stability. The system is also adjustable, potentially restoring your floors to their original, level state. 

Ohio Basement Systems targets the underlying issues causing sagging floors, not just the symptoms. Our comprehensive approach ensures that your foundation remains secure for many years. 

Why Address Sagging Floors Now 

Immediate action against sagging floors is critical to: 

  • Stop further damage that could escalate into more extensive, costlier repairs. 
  • Prevent the need for an entire floor replacement. 
  • Ensure safety by eliminating tripping hazards. 
  • Enhance your home’s value. 

Contact Ohio Basement Systems for an assessment and discover more about our IntelliJack™ system for a stable and secure foundation. 

Contact Ohio Basement Systems for Expert Sagging Floor Solutions 

Sagging floors can quickly worsen if ignored. If you’re noticing signs of sagging floors, act quickly to protect your home with help from the experts at Ohio Basement Systems. 

Our skilled team adopts a holistic strategy to thoroughly secure your floors, focusing on identifying the underlying causes of the problem, not merely addressing the apparent signs. With our exclusive crawl space jacks and comprehensive services, we ensure durable support precisely where it’s required. Contact us today to schedule a free crawl space inspection and obtain a no-obligation estimate. 


The approach to repair varies based on the severity of damage to the crawl space floor joists and flooring. Nonetheless, sagging floors can be effectively repaired with appropriate reinforcement solutions like Ohio Basement Systems’ exclusive IntelliJack™ system. Our experts will assess the damage and determine the most suitable repair method during a free crawl space inspection.

The repair time can vary, but Ohio Basement Systems strives for efficiency with minimal intrusion into your life. Many repairs are completed within a couple of days. A precise timeline will be provided after a free crawl space inspection.

The cost depends on the damage’s severity and the repair scope. Ohio Basement Systems offers transparent, detailed estimates following a free crawl space inspection. We also provide information about our various financing options to meet your budget.

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