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Thermal insulation installed in crawl space

Crawl Space Insulation

Insulating your crawl space for greater comfort and energy savings.

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Thermal insulation installed in crawl space

Most crawl spaces are insulated with the wrong type of insulation. Whether you have soggy fiberglass insulation hanging from the joists or no insulation at all, Ohio Basement Systems has the solution. By conditioning the crawl space, we can help reduce mold and dust mite, energy loss from air ducts, and drafts, and make first-level floors warmer in the winter.

Contact Ohio Basement Systems for a free consultation and cost estimate on crawl space insulation and encapsulation services in Greater Cleveland. We’ll get rid of wet crawl space insulation and make sure your below-grade space stays dry with the proper insulating solutions.

Foam insulation combined with a vapor barrier provides superior insulating performance.

The right way to insulate your crawl space

There are different types of insulation, and each type will work well in some applications and poorly in others. Builders began using fiberglass batts to insulate crawl spaces many years ago, before newer types of insulation had been developed. Today, we know that fiberglass performs poorly when installed between crawl space joists. In fact, if often ends up as a moisture-soaked mess on the crawl space floor.

Home performance experts recommend that crawl spaces be encapsulated (sealed) and insulated to help prevent mold and moisture problems, and to make the home more comfortable and more energy efficient. The best time to upgrade crawl space insulation is during the encapsulation process. Unlike fiberglass insulation, the crawl space insulation that Ohio Basement Systems installs won’t absorb moisture, fall out of place, or lose its R-value.

Three “target areas” for new crawl space insulation

Crawl space with installed insulation and vapor barrier
  • Rim joist. Insulating and air-sealing this perimeter zone is important because it’s a major source of air infiltration and conductive heat loss.
  • Walls. ExTremeBloc® rigid foam insulation is the perfect choice for insulating crawl space walls. This upgrade moves your home’s thermal boundary to the foundation walls, which makes your home more comfortable and your HVAC system more efficient.
  • Floor. If you live in an area where the ground freezes during wintertime, crawl space floor insulation is a smart upgrade to install. It can be installed over a dirt or concrete floor.

Insulation solutions for crawl space walls and floor

Our high-performance crawl space insulation includes a durable moisture barrier. The ¾-in.-thick sheet material can be installed directly over any type of crawl space floor, providing a clean, dry surface that helps the home to be more comfortable and energy efficient. Thanks to its puncture-proof design, our crawl space insulation also provides a cushioned surface for anyone who needs to work in your crawl space. To provide drainage in a crawl space that has water seepage, we install the insulation over drainage matting that directs water to a sump pump. It can also be used to seal and insulate crawl space walls. It’s compatible with other products in the CrawlSeal™ system.

Close up of ExTremeBloc insulation

ExTremeBloc® rigid foam insulation is available exclusively from Ohio Basement Systems. Thanks to a patented graphite infusion process, ExTremeBloc™ has higher R-value than standard EPS foam (R-11 for a 2-in.-thick panel). Every ExTremeBloc™ panel also comes with a shiny integral radiant barrier that reflects heat for enhanced energy efficiency. ExTremeBloc™ is ideal for insulating basement and crawl space walls because of its excellent thermal properties and exceptional durability. It won’t lose R-value or be damaged by moisture.

Crawl space insulation: Do it once and do it right

Don’t settle for messy, inadequate fiberglass insulation in your crawl space. Let the experts at Ohio Basement Systems install the right insulation in the right location, so you never have to worry about crawl space insulation again. We also offer a variety of other crawl space repair solutions to give you a dry, healthy crawl space. If you live in Cleveland, Akron, Strongsville or the surrounding area, contact us today to schedule an on-site evaluation and free cost estimate.

Frequently Asked Questions About Crawl Space Insulation

Many homes in the greater Cleveland area are struggling with crawl space insulation that’s just not sound enough. How can you improve it?

Moisture seriously damages insulation’s ability to retain heat and cold. Essentially, when insulation gets wet, it loses its ability to insulate, and that’s the whole reason you got it. Plus, wet insulation often ends up falling out of its initial space, meaning it can end up as a damp pile on the floor, which isn’t great for your crawl space.

If you’re not going to go into your crawl space on a regular basis, do you really need to insulate it? The answer is definitely yes. Moisture, air, and insects can still come through your crawl space if you don’t take the time to insulate it thoroughly. If you insulate this area under your home, you’ll end up with a healthier crawl space, which impacts the rest of your home.

You can find a variety of different types of insulation out there; these all work best for different needs, so you may need different types for different applications. ExTremeBloc insulation panels, which Ohio Basement Systems uses, is a patented style of rigid foam insulation that has a high R-value and doesn’t lose strength with moisture.

Installing insulation isn’t a weekend project. You need someone who knows what they’re doing to survey the site, choose the right insulation, and give you more information. Request a free estimate from Ohio Basement Systems to learn more.

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