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Collapsing Retaining Wall

A retaining wall serves both an aesthetic and structural purpose. When it becomes damaged or starts to collapse, it’s not merely a cosmetic issue; it also poses a safety concern and can affect your home’s value. 

Ohio Basement Systems has been helping homeowners with retaining walls for almost 25 years. We know how important it is to keep your home safe. We can fix your collapsing retaining walls with professional, long-lasting foundation repairs. 

After reading this page, you’ll understand the causes of retaining wall damage and how to obtain professional help to prevent additional structural problems. 

What Is a Collapsing Retaining Wall? 

A collapsing retaining wall is a structure that can’t restrain the soil and substrate it was meant to support. This unsupported condition can result in wall cracks, leaning, bowing, or complete failure and collapse. Consequently, these issues lead to soil erosion or landslides, jeopardizing foundation and basement walls, and compromising the foundation as a whole. 

The retaining wall’s job is to hold the lateral pressure of soil so sloping areas can be used for gardens, driveways, or terraces. When a retaining wall fails, it puts the level ground it supports at risk and can be a significant safety problem. 

What Causes a Retaining Wall to Collapse? 

There are many reasons why a retaining wall might collapse, including: 

  • Poor Construction: Subpar materials in wall construction can weaken the foundation, potentially leading to wall damage and collapse. 
  • Hydrostatic Pressure: The pressure from water in the soil that expands can become too great for the wall to resist over time. 
  • Water Accumulation: If there is not enough drainage, water can build up behind the wall and increase the pressure. 
  • Soil Erosion: Soil eroding at the wall’s base can make it less stable. 
  • Tree Roots: The roots of trees can cause damage by shifting the surrounding soil and puncturingthe wall. 
  • Natural Forces: Earthquakes or other ground movements can cause the wall to become unstable. 
  • Aging: Over time, materials can become weaker and less able to support the weight they once could. 

It is important to identify the root cause of the problem to repair and stabilize your retaining wall for the long term. Ohio Basement Systems can provide a free, thorough inspection to discover the source of the problem and recommend the best repair plan for your home. 

Can You Fix a Collapsing Retaining Wall? 

Cracked or leaning retaining walls can be fixed to prevent further damage. However, it’s not enough to merely patch up the wall with quick fixes like adding soil or concrete. These offer only temporary solutions. 

It’s important to address the underlying issues causing the weakening to properly stabilize and potentially straighten a retaining wall. This means implementing integrated solutions that strengthen the wall foundation and drain excess moisture. Ohio Basement Systems offers permanent and warrantied retaining wall repair solutions that are effective in achieving this. 

How to Fix a Collapsing Retaining Wall 

Ohio Basement Systems understands that each home is different and requires personalized repair solutions. Here’s how we fix collapsing retaining walls: 

Initial Inspection 

Our experts conduct a free inspection of your home and the problematic wall. Once we identify why it collapsed, we suggest repairs that fit your home’s needs and budget

Wall Reinforcement 

We use sturdy wall anchors to stabilize the wall permanently, stop movement, and improve the retaining wall’s condition. We install this system by: 

  • Digging a few feet away from the retaining wall 
  • Drilling a hole in the wall 
  • Pushing a connecting rod through the hole 
  • Embedding an earth anchor plate in the excavated area 
  • Attaching the rod and earth anchor plate 
  • Placing a wall plate on the retaining wall 
  • Connecting the wall plate and rod 
  • Backfilling the excavated dirt 
  • Tightening the wall plate and rod for potential wall improvement 

Drainage Improvement 

It’s important to properly install and maintain exterior drainage systems like gutters and downspouts to keep excess water away from your home and retaining walls. 

Ohio Basement Systems has repair solutions designed to meet your specific needs. Our products surpass store-bought alternatives and provide long-lasting, effective results. 

Why Address a Collapsing Retaining Wall Now 

It’s crucial to fix a retaining wall at the first sign of damage because: 

  • Delaying repairs can lead to collapse and property damage. 
  • Leaning walls are unsafe and unattractive. 
  • A damaged wall can cause flooding due to poor drainage. 
  • Surrounding patios, landscaping, or structures may become unstable. 
  • Repairs become more complicated and expensive over time. 

Choose Ohio Basement Systems’ integrated retaining wall repair system for a long-term solution. Our industry-leading lifetime warranty guarantees a job done right the first time, ensuring your landscape is safe and functional. 

Contact Ohio Basement Systems for Retaining Wall Stabilization Solutions

If you see any signs of leaning, cracking, or buckling in your concrete, block, or brick retaining walls, contact Ohio Basement Systems for a free inspection. Our repair experts will assess the damage and develop a customized solution to permanently stabilize your wall. 

With almost 25 years of experience in reinforcing failing retaining walls, you can rely on our team to restore the structural integrity of your landscape. We prioritize your safety and peace of mind, which is why our work is supported by a long-term warranty. Get in touch with us today to properly repair your retaining walls. 


If your retaining wall is leaning, bulging, cracking, or sinking, it may be damaged and no longer properly supported. Additionally, adjacent basement or foundation walls may show similar issues. 

The cost of repairs will depend on the extent of the damage and the type and amount of repairs needed. Contact us for a free inspection, clear pricing, and financing options

Repair times vary, but most projects can be completed within a week. During your free evaluation, your inspector will review project details and provide an estimate of the duration. 

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