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Foundation Settlement

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Foundation settlement threatens your home’s structural integrity and your family’s safety. It’s a significant concern requiring expert intervention. 

For more than 20 years, Ohio Basement Systems has been the trusted name for professional foundation repair services in Greater Cleveland and Northern Ohio. Our skilled technicians have the experience to correctly identify the signs of foundation settlement and employ effective foundation repair treatments to secure and potentially elevate your home. 

Let us guide you through the complexities of foundation settlement and equip you with the knowledge to make informed choices for your property. 

What Is Foundation Settlement? 

Foundation settlement is the uneven sinking of your home’s foundation into the soil below, often due to the soil’s inability to bear the weight of the building effectively. 

This issue can develop gradually over an extended period or happen abruptly following incidents such as heavy rainfall, snowmelt, or droughts. 

As the foundation settles, it detaches from the rest of the structure, causing wall cracks, stuck doors and windows, and uneven floors. Left unaddressed, extreme foundation settlement can result in considerable structural impairment. 

Ohio Basement Systems offers various foundation repair options that can permanently stabilize a settling foundation. Our durable pier systems are designed to support foundations and prevent future issues. 

What Causes Foundation Settlement? 

Several factors contribute to foundation settlement, including: 

  • Soil Shrinkage: Dry conditions or drought can cause clay soils to dry and contract, leading to foundation settlement. Nearby mature trees can exacerbate this by extracting soil moisture. 
  • Soil Expansion: Excessive rains or flooding, as seen here, can lead to clay soils swelling and pushing the foundation upward. Once the soil dries, it can create gaps beneath the foundation, leading to settlement. 
  • Poor Soil Compaction: The fill soils used during construction may not be adequately compacted, leading to the foundation settling over time as the soil compresses. 
  • Erosion: Runoff water can erode the soil around the foundation, jeopardizing its stability. Inadequate drainage and blocked gutters can worsen this problem. 

Is Foundation Settlement Fixable? 

Yes, foundation settlement can be fixed. The key is permanently securing the foundation by transferring its weight to deeper, more stable ground or bedrock. 

Often, there’s no need for total foundation replacement. Ohio Basement Systems has the proficiency to install simpler, less intrusive, and more effective solutions. 

How to Address Foundation Settlement 

At Ohio Basement Systems, we utilize advanced foundation repair technologies to tackle settlement issues: 

  • Push Piers: Steel piers are inserted deep into the ground and connected to the foundation footing with specialized brackets. 
  • Helical Piers: These screw-like steel piers are installed underneath the foundation to engage stable underground soil. 
  • Slab Piers: These are designed to reinforce and possibly elevate concrete slab floors. 

Our engineered foundation piers permanently solidify your home and may even lift sagging portions. We can also rectify any cosmetic damage resulting from the settlement. 

Why Tackle Foundation Settlement Now? 

Immediate action on foundation settlement is crucial for several reasons, such as: 

  • Prevent Additional Damage: Unaddressed issues will only escalate, requiring more extensive and costly repairs. 
  • Safety Considerations: Severe settlement can lead to unstable walls and uneven floors, posing a safety risk. 
  • Protect Your Investment: A settling foundation decreases property value. Repairing it can restore your home’s worth. 
  • Peace of Mind: Our permanent solutions ensure a secure, stable home. 

Our proprietary foundation repair technologies and skilled technicians comprehensively solve your foundation settlement problems. Schedule your free inspection and estimate today! 

Contact Ohio Basement Systems for Your Foundation Settlement Solutions 

Don’t delay in repairing your settled foundation. Ohio Basement Systems can identify the underlying problems quickly and precisely and repair your foundation using our advanced piering technologies. 

We offer free, no-obligation estimates for our services. Our seasoned technicians are ready to evaluate your home’s foundation and recommend the most effective repair strategies. Call us today to get started. 


You may observe the following signs if your home is suffering from foundation settlement issues: 

When you see these issues, contact Ohio Basement Systems for a free inspection. 

Costs vary based on the extent of the damage and the chosen repair method. Ohio Basement Systems offers free, no-obligation estimates and flexible financing options to fit your budget. 

Uneven foundation settlement can arise due to issues such as: 

  • Soil contraction during dry spells 
  • Soil swelling during heavy rain or flooding 
  • Inadequate soil compaction at the time of construction 
  • Erosion due to poor drainage or blocked gutters 

If you suspect foundation problems, contact Ohio Basement Systems for a free inspection and estimate. 

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