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Channel Anchors

Channel anchors provide a permanent solution to stabilize and repair bowing or tilting foundation walls. 

Ohio Basement Systems has been one of the nation’s leading basement repair companies for nearly 25 years. Our extensive experience means we understand the importance of utilizing custom-designed channel anchors to address basement wall shearing. 

These high-quality support systems halt foundation damage, eliminating the need for total foundation replacement. Our team of experts takes care of the entire process, from inspection to customized installation, leaving you with the peace of mind that comes with a restored foundation. 

What Are Channel Anchors? 

Channel anchors are a type of wall anchor used to stabilize and repair sheering basement walls. The system involves installing steel earth anchors into the ground outside the foundation, which are then linked to steel channel brackets mounted to the interior of your basement wall using threaded anchor rods. 

The channels span almost from floor to ceiling and are bolted to the floor for maximum bracing strength. The system counteracts soil pressure by locking the wall anchors into stable soil to stop inward wall movement. Channel anchors allow you to gradually straighten and level walls over time. 

5 Signs You Need Channel Anchors 

Consider channel anchor installation if you observe any of the following signs of foundation wall failure: 

  1. Walls that are shearing inwards at the top or bottom. 
  1. Cracks in basement walls, particularly large horizontal or stair-step cracks. 
  1. Walls bowing inwards
  1. Sticking windows or doors
  1. Uneven floors

Channel anchors address the underlying source of structural damage by preventing soil pressure and stabilizing your foundation. 

Is a Channel Anchor System Necessary? 

It’s important to promptly address bowing walls to prevent worsening over time. The combined effects of soil pressure and moisture infiltration can further deteriorate the walls, leading to potential water damage, mold growth, and expensive structural repairs. In extreme cases, severely compromised walls are at risk of collapsing. 

We offer channel anchors as a permanent solution to brace walls against soil pressure. Channel anchors provide comprehensive moisture protection when combined with our comprehensive basement waterproofing systems. Addressing foundation issues early saves money compared to extensive repairs needed after damage has already occurred. 

What Are the Benefits of Channel Anchors? 

Ohio Basement Systems’ channel anchor system offers several benefits to homeowners, including: 

  • Stopping and preventing wall movement 
  • Potential to straighten walls back to level 
  • Restoring structural strength without replacing the foundation 
  • Protecting against soil pressure and moisture damage 
  • Minimizing disturbance to the home and landscaping during installation 
  • Coating anchors with corrosion-resistant epoxy 
  • Easy installation around utilities without major demolition 

Channel anchors save homeowners money on expensive repairs and help maintain the value of their homes. Our team of professionals will handle the entire process, from inspection to installation, customized to meet your needs. 

How to Install Channel Anchors: 7 Steps 

Our certified technicians follow these steps to install your channel anchor system: 

1. Initial inspection to map out anchor locations 

A foundation repair specialist inspects your basement walls to find the best locations to install channel anchors. They look for areas that show signs of bowing or tilting.  

2. Boreholes for earth anchors around the foundation perimeter 

Using powerful earth auger drills, our installation team digs around the exterior perimeter of your home’s foundation at the anchor locations.  

3. Drill small holes through basement walls to insert anchor rods 

Small holes, 1-2 inches wide, are drilled directly through your foundation walls to align with the earth anchor holes outside. Steel anchor rods are inserted through these holes and driven down into the anchor holes underground. 

4. Connect rods to earth anchors and embed anchors into stable soil 

The steel anchor rods are permanently connected to the earth anchors underground using strong nuts and washers. This creates an integrated anchor system secured in hard, stable soil for maximum support. The earth around each anchor is carefully replaced and compacted. 

5. Mount channel brackets to interior walls over anchor rods 

Steel channel brackets are mounted to the interior surface of your basement walls. The channel anchors fit over the steel rods protruding through the small wall holes. 

6. Secure floor brackets to concrete slab for stability 

The channel anchors are secured to your basement’s concrete floor using steel brackets bolted into the concrete with lag bolts for maximum strength.  

7. Potentially straighten walls by tightening anchor rods over time 

Once installed, the steel rods running through the channel anchors can be incrementally tightened to straighten your foundation walls.  

With decades of experience serving thousands of homeowners every year, Ohio Basement Systems ensures that your channel anchor system safely and effectively stabilizes your home. 

Why Our Channel Anchors Are the Best Choice for Basement Wall Repair 

When you choose Ohio Basement Systems, you get the following: 

  • A free inspection, accurate quote, and comprehensive repair plan. 
  • Top-quality channel anchors backed by certified expertise. 
  • Proprietary channel anchors designed and manufactured to provide superior performance. 
  • The best value for your money. 
  • Industry-leading transferable warranties. 
  • Dedicated, speedy service from nationally recognized, local experts whose singular goal is customer satisfaction. 

Contact OBS for Channel Anchors Today! 

Don’t wait for foundation problems to worsen. Contact Ohio Basement Systems today to schedule your free inspection! Our channel anchor systems provide a proven solution to permanently stabilize your home’s foundation. 


Installing channel anchors typically takes one day or less to complete. Our team uses minimal excavation and creates small wall penetrations for quick installation. 

Our experts use anchor rods that are gradually tightened. In some cases, the process slowly brings walls back to level alignment. For optimal results, we recommend scheduling annual maintenance for a safer leveling process. 

Depending on the situation, major remodeling may not be needed after we install channel anchors in your home’s basement. The anchors can be discretely integrated into your finished basement, or else, post-installation, remodeling can be quite minimal. Our team will work with you to determine the best course of action for your specific situation. 

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