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Wall Anchors

Ohio Basement Systems and The Basement Guys are now Ohio Basement Authority

Is your basement showing signs of damage like cracking and inwardly bowing walls? Such problems suggest your walls require additional support. 

With Ohio Basement Systems’ dependable wall anchor system, you can stabilize your basement walls, ensure your home’s structural integrity, and prevent further issues. 

We offer durable basement repair services that include the installation of wall anchors to permanently brace weakened walls. Our wall anchors are designed to grip stable soil, cease wall movement, and potentially straighten your walls over time. 

Act now to reinforce your home’s basement and avoid the costly prospect of a full replacement. 

What are Wall Anchors? 

Wall anchors are steel components anchored into the ground outside of the basement walls. A wall anchor system includes three major pieces: 

  • Interior anchor plates secured to basement walls 
  • Exterior earth anchors embedded in stable soil 
  • Steel rods connecting these brackets 

Wall anchors extend into the soil beyond the disturbed area near the foundation, providing crucial reinforcement. They also halt lateral movement to further stabilize the wall when periodically tightened by professionals. 

Signs You Need Wall Anchors 

You should consider wall anchors for your home if you notice: 

You can prevent further damage by installing wall anchors at these early warning signs. 

Is a Wall Anchor System Necessary? 

Proactively stabilizing your walls with a wall anchor system is essential. Further movement or neglect can result in leaks, mold growth, and even catastrophic structural failure. Implementing wall anchors in conjunction with a comprehensive basement repair strategy is advisable, particularly for concrete block or poured basement walls showing signs of wear. 

However, sometimes property lines and the lack of exterior space prohibit wall anchor installation. We offer other solutions, such as an adjustable steel I-beam system, that are installed completely in your basement and do not require exterior digging. Contact us today for a free assessment and repairs tailored to your needs. 

How We Install Wall Anchors 

Our certified process follows these steps: 

  • Exterior excavation for earth anchors (at least 10 feet away from basement walls) 
  • Drilling holes for the anchor rods into stable soil 
  • Driving the anchor rods hydraulically until resistance is met 
  • Embedding earth anchors in exterior soil 
  • Attaching wall plates to the interior walls 
  • Connecting the rods to the wall and earth anchors 
  • Backfilling the excavated area 
  • Periodically tightening anchors to potentially improve walls 

Benefits of Ohio Basement Systems Wall Anchors 

Our wall anchor systems offer the following: 

  • Halting of lateral wall shifts and the stabilization of failing basement walls 
  • Stabilizing and potentially straightening bowing or cracking walls 
  • Transferring foundation pressure to stable soil 
  • Preventing further widening of existing cracks 
  • Cost-effective alternative to total foundation replacement 
  • A transferable limited lifetime warranty 

Our wall anchors also integrate effortlessly with other solutions like water management systems. 

Why Choose Our Wall Anchor Solution? 

Ohio Basement Systems offers customization, annual maintenance plans, financing options, and a lifetime transferable warranty. We also provide additional services like drainage improvements to support foundation repair. Contact us today for a free inspection. 

Trust Ohio Basement Systems for Your Wall Anchor Needs 

For lasting protection against basement and foundation issues, rely on the wall anchor system from Ohio Basement Systems. Our locally manufactured wall anchors ensure your home’s foundation remains secure for a lifetime. 

Schedule a free inspection and estimate to learn how wall anchors can stabilize your compromised basement walls. Reinforce your home today with Ohio Basement Systems. 


The installation cost varies, depending on factors like the extent of wall damage and how many anchors are required. However, wall anchors are usually more cost-effective than a full foundation or basement wall replacement. Ohio Basement Systems offers free inspections, financing options, and transparent pricing. Contact us to learn more. 

The installation time varies, depending on factors like wall damage and the number of wall anchors required. However, the process generally takes a day or two. Contact Ohio Basement Systems for a free assessment and accurate project timeline. 

Minimal maintenance is required. Periodic tightening by our technicians can improve their effectiveness and potentially straighten walls over time. Contact us to learn more and take advantage of our service and maintenance programs

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